In My Own Backyard

Far too often we either forget, or simply are not aware of, what is going on in our own backyard, or should I say the very area in which we live!

I am a proud resident of Northumberland, UK, but for some reason (probably the same reason so many other people are this way) I have too often looked elsewhere for places to visit, things to do and see and places in which to holiday. Continue reading In My Own Backyard

To superfood or not – That is the question?

Of course I mean; (a) to believe in them, (b) know which ones to use, (c) how to prepare them – and of course – (d) eat them!

It is a good idea I am told, to keep in mind that some Superfoods are high potency foods that you only need a little of. In other words don’t keep on eating more, thinking “the more the better!” – their consumption doesn’t work that way. Continue reading To superfood or not – That is the question?