To superfood or not – That is the question?

Of course I mean; (a) to believe in them, (b) know which ones to use, (c) how to prepare them – and of course – (d) eat them!

It is a good idea I am told, to keep in mind that some Superfoods are high potency foods that you only need a little of. In other words don’t keep on eating more, thinking “the more the better!” – their consumption doesn’t work that way. Continue reading To superfood or not – That is the question?

House of Cards

Its not because I am British, its honestly not, cross my heard and …….. etc!

But for those devoted to the US series with Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood is his character), do yourself a favour and watch the original (from which the Americans actually stole the concept/idea). The late Ian Richardson, as Parliamentary Chief Whip, Francis Urquhart, is something else altogether. Continue reading House of Cards