Animation is my life. I love animating characters, the more bizarre and creative the better. Bringing mythological and fantastical creatures to life is fantastic as I love using my imagination. Yoko, my lazy black and white cat often acts as my model as she enjoys sitting and watching me work or staring out of the window for hours at a time.

I work for myself and am self-employed. The animations are used by several small film studios and have also appeared in books, advertising and other marketing material. I am really lucky that I can create a career doing what I enjoy best. It is hard work but fascinating as I never know what is going to come from my pen each day.

Much of my work is self taught as there are very few college courses teaching the type of art and animation in which I work. The early Walt Disney films such as Snow White and Cinderella and the Studio Ghibli animations are particularly inspiring. I specialise in hand drawn animation, which is quite rare nowadays and animate the drawings on computer.

My home is in Northumberland. This is a beautiful part of the world where there are gorgeous moors and open countryside. I can look out over fields and a river while I work – it also provides lots of entertainment for Yoko as there are lots of birds and wildlife roaming around the garden.

My husband works as a conservation ranger protecting the environment and helping the wildlife as we have many rare birds in this area.

I have a lot of personal interests. These include reading, watching films, rambling, bird watching and cooking. I try and watch a couple of animations each day on the internet so that I see any new styles and trends appearing. I like vintage and retro, and am keen on sewing and needlework. Going to the cinema, art galleries and exhibitions is always great fun as I can often gain new inspiration from seeing what other artists are doing. We often combine these trips with a visit to a theatre or concert, and take in a visit to a pub to meet up with friends for a relaxing hour or so.