Does This Animator Need To Be More Animated?

I don’t really feel personally that this is the case but it is important to not just have your own opinion on things but to get others feedback – honest feedback that is.

I express my emotions. I don’t just feel happy or sad inside I have always been a person that shows it, that expresses that happiness, sadness or kookiness in actions.

When someone is telling a happy story I smile, look relaxed and animated (there is that word again). I tend to use my hands a lot too as well. I have been told by a range of people that I have extremely expressive eyes.

I never just stand there while listening to a story (happy or sad) I move around and express interest. My whole body is often characterized by movement, energy and a lively spirit.

Ever heard that expression “fake it until you make it?” Most people have.

I felt about 10 years, or so, ago that I was one of the most unanimated, dull people I knew (I was probably being a bit too hard on myself) but I knew I could become much more interesting if I put my mind to it! And I did!

So I started by studying the body language of animated, happy, outgoing people. It didn’t happen overnight of course but there is another saying which is only too true – “If you think about something long enough that is what you become”.

Guess what I became naturally animated and my whole life changed along with it. And it was around about then that my love of animation really blossomed and I made animation my career.