House of Cards

Its not because I am British, its honestly not, cross my heard and …….. etc! But for those devoted to the US series with Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood is his character), do yourself a favour and watch the original (from which the Americans actually stole the concept/idea). The late Ian Richardson, as Parliamentary Chief Whip, Francis Urquhart, is something else altogether.

I have done it!

Haven’t been able to manufacture more time – I think that would be everybody’s pipe dream wouldn’t it (or most peoples anyway) but I have become slightly more organised, better organised.

Finding more time for one of my favourite things

Love love love reading. Its not just about learning something new however, its also about relaxation, spiritual fulfilment and having fun. Books really do open up our minds – many people say the right book can even allow us to live a different life and travel the world without even leaving our chairs! I agree totally.