Being More Grateful for Things in My Life

Far too easy isn’t it I have been thinking to get a little bored, then as a result become less grateful than we should be. After all Life (as a whole) can not only be perplexing but challenging and outright excruciating as well.

Its necessary, for our own sakes (as well as for those near and dear to us) to look at and concentrate on the things (and we all have them) in our lives that we should be grateful for.

Of course my husband and I often remind ourselves how lucky we are living in such a beautiful area but when things are crowding in around you, its very difficult, if not impossible, at times to feel a sense of gratitude – after all we are doing it tough at the time (or we think we are anyway).

Yes, the mind is an excellent problem solver – constantly going over, and over, and over, that it thinks needs fixing or improving upon. But, it and we, can sometimes get ourselves into a real “let’s fix it” overwhelmed space – its called overdrive I suppose.

There are a few things we can do to help us through this agonising period, they include (1) The need not to Stress and, (2) The necessity to count our Blessings.

Simplistic you say, well yes, they are but the point I have been reminded of lately, is that THEY WORK!

As someone I know said (cannot remember who) — “Gratitude is an Attitude” — good one isn’t it?

Here are a few ideas I have come up with myself BUT I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you haven’t come across at least one or two people (in your life so far) that have either said something identical and/or similar.

  • All too often we girls apologise too often for simply asking for something – even someone else’s attention. Don’t say sorry – say ‘Thank You’ instead. 99.9% of people like to help others and get a real kick out of being thanked for that help!
  • Thank people (particular loved ones) for being themselves – sound a bit tacky to your mind, thank them anyway. Then just watch them preen themselves!
  • Feel like strangling someone (spouse, partner or kids) – take a deep breath, walk away (for a minute or two or 10 or half an hour if that is what it takes). I sometimes go out for a coffee and cake when my husband is really irritating me. Yep, the cake is fattening I know but it is much better than saying or doing something you will regret later.
  • We all, in this country, live in a world that basically is full of wonderful things – safe housing, great lifestyles, access to an abundance of fresh food and water, great medical services (although we are all known to grumble about cost, availability etc etc). Honestly, we live such a wealthier, and healthier, lifestyle than many countries (especial Third World ones) around the word. Try to remember that when you might feel like committing murder!