Its healthy to behave a little (or more) bizarrely!

Have mentioned before that I really enjoy bizarre things – doing and being. Its mentally healthy I am convinced – although it is not wise to do most of them in public.

Here is a few of the more unusual (or some would say fun) bizarre things I enjoy – some of them much more out there than others:

  1. Talking to myself – everyone does that you say, so that’s not really bizarre, but I like to have quite extensive conversations with myself, with a few of my mind characters – sometimes I burst into spontaneous laughter!
  2. Play weird games with yourself – eg tape up your face in funny shapes! Remember that Jim Carrey movie? (Cant stand him myself but it was entertaining).
  3. Dance by yourself as if you are entertaining on the stage – but no one is watching you.
  4. Inexplicable Jumping – don’t know what I mean. Well if you have a cat or know someone who does just watch them, they are enjoying themselves and you will too, once you get the knack!
  5. ONE OF MY FAVOURITES – Having imaginary arguments with yourself out loud. Its better if you accompany the argument with matching expressions.
  6. Another FAVOURITE – I was playing with my muse, Yoko, and she was loping up the stairs – so I decided to accompany her – on all fours. I don’t know who was more stunned, Yoko or my husband (who was standing at the top of the stairs).

Frankly, our bodies can do some amazingly strange and wonderful things – bizarre you might say. For instance have you ever smelt something which seems to catapult you back in time – to a memory possible long forgotten or even to one you were not really aware of.

There is actually a professor in Sweden, who describes our sense of smell as a magical time machine! Its true, if you don’t believe me look into it yourself – fascinating.

One of the more interesting and really bizarre things about our human body is the ability of the digestive system to shut down, in order to allow our muscles to contract with incredible force. Bunkum you say – well just think about those Mums or other family members who can summon unbelievable strength to life something as heavy as a car of their child’s body! The workings of our brain, and adrenaline along with the help of our digestive systems.

Bizarre but very true.

Have fun looking into it.