My Husband and I – and Passion

My husband is a Conservation Ranger in our home area of Northumberland and is very much involved in the protection of our beautiful moors and other countryside. He is involved deeply in the protection of many rare species of birds that inhabit our area.

Whereas I am a slightly way out there animator so how on earth did we get together and why do we stay together? The most important think of course – IS WHY WE STAY TOGETHER!

To start with we are both passionate about what we do; we are both believers in passion! We are both totally convinced that real people need to be passionate about the big things in their lives – otherwise life is not really worth living.

Big words and we both mean them – I am convinced that is just about the main reason we are still together despite one or two really rough patches.

Passions give us purpose, but much more than that, they make us feel we have real purpose in our lives. Why? Being passionate is not just about knowing it is also very much about feeling.

Passions make us feel that we are on the right path in life and give us hope for a happy, thrilling and wonderful future.

We passionate people lead substantially dissimilar lives than our less than enthusiastic counterparts, that is for sure. Starting our days early is one of them – thank heavens we both love doing that!

One downside though – for both of us – is that we tend to get pissed off more often than the average person and also become more emotional than the average person as well. That goes with the territory of being ‘passionate’.

We most probably bore other people at times too, as neither of us can help but talk about our ‘pet projects’, but who cares passion is its very own reward!