I have done it!

Haven’t been able to manufacture more time – I think that would be everybody’s pipe dream wouldn’t it (or most peoples anyway) but I have become slightly more organised, better organised.

That means that I can spend a little more time on the things “I” (with a capital I) want to do. The things that really interest me!

 And READING is my special thing at the moment, mentioned before (including in my last post) how I enjoy ‘reading’. Ask me WHY? Well, I would tell you there are not many things that not only leave me more relaxed but help me to be more creative!

 Thrillers (good ones) are my special love of the moment. I find my mind comes up with many more ideas for animations after I have read, and enjoyed, a good book.

 John Grisham and Lee Child are two of my current favourites – everyone surely has read one of Grisham’s legal thrillers (some call him the best thriller writers alive). And not many fans of thrilling fiction aren’t at least aware of Lee Child and his wonderful character ‘Jack Reacher’.

 Must admit though that I lost interest in the character of Jack Reacher for a while but that is only because Tom Cruise (as short as he is) was miscast in the role for a recent movie made from one of the books – Yuk! 

Reacher was created really in the mode of Lee Childs himself – someone who is some 6’3”! And is a rough, tough character, a man who is known to stand up for what he believes in, beating the s*** out of people if necessary.

 But, I got over my puzzlement at the casting and got back into the mood of reading about Jack – my most recent foray being “Make Me”

 As a number of other well-know authors (including Michael Connelly, Patricia Cornwell, Stephen King, Ken Follett and Frederick Forsyth, to name a few) have said the Lee Child, ‘Jack Reacher’ books have “great pace, drama, ripping” – I could go on with the comments.

 In other words don’t miss reading the book.

 John Grisham is different again, nearly all legally themed thrillers and the “Rogue Lawyer” is one of his best. This lawyer is definitely one who won’t let the truth get in the way of justice.

 The only trouble is, that when I pick up books like these I don’t want to put them down and as I am usually a fast reader, they don’t last long enough.