Why I Like Vintage Clothing

When my interest in Vintage Clothing first started items were a great deal cheaper but like everything that becomes fashionable, now it can be quite pricey or even worse still – quite expensive!

But, if like me, you are rather obsessed by the vintage and retro look, you can by being sensible still pick up some bargains – or at least reasonably priced good quality items!

Finding the best pre-loved pieces can be tricky, even challenging, especially if you are a novice vintage/retro buyer. There are some great books available out there that can help you newbies though – keep your eyes peeled for them.

Here are a few pointers to help you along the way in the meantime:

  • Always, always hold any vintage garment up to the light – a great help in spotting flaws (and even holes)! Light is one of the main things that reveals repairs too. Another point too of course is making sure areas of the fabric have not become too thin.
  • Prepare yourself – in other words wear something on your shopping day that is dead easy to get off and on. Don’t wear much, if any make-up, on the day, that way you won’t be covering the garments with blush, foundation etc.
  • A Biggy for Me – check the armpits. Make sure there are no perspiration or deodorant stains – big thing in the olden days.
  • Something that applies, whether you are shopping for anything – new, retro, vintage – whatever. Go for the very best you can afford!
  • Try EVERYTHING on – don’t let it worry you – it’s something you must do and do not take much notice of any sizes marked on any garment labels.

Now I should not need to mention this, but I do have a (otherwise) very sensible friend who keeps making this error. Do NOT buy any items (no matter how much you love it) that need a lot of repairs.

Common-sense you say – but common-sense is something a lot of people (and some of them extremely intelligent) don’t seem to have.