In My Own Backyard

Far too often we either forget, or simply are not aware of, what is going on in our own backyard, or should I say the very area in which we live!

I am a proud resident of Northumberland, UK, but for some reason (probably the same reason so many other people are this way) I have too often looked elsewhere for places to visit, things to do and see and places in which to holiday.

Well, recently I came to realise – thanks to an old friend – that I was simply foolish if not stupid – not to concentrate my attention much closer to home.

Where else can you find a puffin festival, a range of international musical events and that amazing cavalcade of 150 horses and riders setting out to ‘ride the bounds’? Nowhere else but Northumberland.

We have some great food festivals with celebrity chefs and a stunning smorgasbord of fine local produce on which we can either snack or gorge!

Are you a fan of the bizarre, well you will love Allendale’s “Tar Bar’l”. This is where costumed men celebrate New Year by actually carrying flaming barrels of tar on their head! Its true, I am not making it up this is what they really do!

Northumberland is an area where not only the National Trust, but also English Heritage and Northumberland National Park do their very utmost to run both events and activities throughout each year which extend beyond the ordinary.

And to think I have just discovered how very much they do and what is going on around me. Shame on me.

SO – from now on I am looking to my home area first for most things – if not everything.